Service of metal center

Metal treatment is the most important operation in the majority of industrial fields. Along with economic growth and its development in Russia demand for qualified and competent services of metal treatment has increased. Mainstreaming of demands of metal center services is caused by aspiration of client to reduce expenses. Now you have an opportunity not to spend time for primary treatment of rolled metal but to get the samples of spare parts equal to size.

Metallurgical Company “Ferro” disposes necessary equipment to process stainless steel rolled metal promptly and of high quality.

Our services upon request of the client:

cutting of rolled metal plates from 0, 5 to 100 mm
rolling of stainless steel metal plates of thickness up to 10 mm
highly refined mechanical treatment of full cycle
prefabrication of metal products based on the drawings of the client
welding and assembling works
cutting, bending and perforation of rolled metal plates
longitudinal and crossing cutting (that equals to size) of stainless steel rolls
stamping of spare parts
turning and drilling works
cutting and machining of the circle on appropriate size
cutting of the tubes, edging by trimming and beveling.

Equipment used during metal processing:

plasma cutting unit
torch cutting machine
punching machine
die stamping machine
coil steel cut-size machine
polishing machine of stainless steel plates and rolled metal
polishing of tubes
urning and drilling machines
parting machine.
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