Customer service at the highest level is as important as the quality of the supplied products supplied for MC "Ferro". We appreciate your time as our own so our company provides everything for a mutually beneficial, trusted partnership.

MC "Ferro" suggests the following type of services:

Consultation of specialist – if you have questions or problems with stainless steel rolled product our specialists are always ready to help you.
Logistics – we will find the optimal route of delivery of products, providing safe transportation.
Metal center services - we provide any services of primary treatment of stainless steel rolled product.
Packing - each batch of product is packed by manual or automatic means to prevent mixture of patterns and damage during transportation.
Marking - each batch is specially marked out that reduce time of shipment and acceptance of the goods.
Additional quality control – you can use any additional service of quality assurance of stainless steel rolled products.

We pay special attention to logistics and product preparation for shipment to provide prompt deliveries of quality products to the clients.

We strive to promote your business, and regularly update the list of services. New service "Credit of Trust" has been recently introduced that allows our permanent clients to take a credit for shipment of stainless steel rolled metal.

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