Assortment of offered stainless steel rolled products is very wide. Unfortunately, integrated marking system of steel accepted by leading Russian and foreign manufacturers is not yet available.

There is an alphanumeric marking of stainless steel recognized in Russia and CIS where the letters refer to the name of alloying elements, and numerals as per GOST 5632-72 mean the content of these elements. The following indication of alloying elements is accepted in Russia: W – wolframium, Mn –manganum, Cu –cuprum, К – cobaltum, Ni – nickel, Мo – molybdaenum, Si – silicium, Тi – titanium, Cr – chromium.

Import stainless steel rolled products can be marked according to standard ASTM A240 and other based on alphanumeric marking. For example, American marking looks like: Aisi 430.

European system of Steel Indication is regulated by standard EN 100 27, the first part of it defines the procedure for naming of steel, the second one regulates serial numbering of steel.

Specialists of Metallurgical Company "Ferro" make their own marking prior to send a lot of stainless steel rolled product to client. There are labels on each package of shipped product that shows logo, company stamp, manufacturer, steel grade, heat number, mass, quantity of units. This marking allows saving time for acceptance of goods, simplifying the system of storage, searching and identification for further use.

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