Dear suppliers and manufacturers of stainless steel rolled metal!

MC "Ferro" LLC invites you for cooperation.

Our company takes leading position in Russian market of stainless steel rolled metal and is interested in

Expanding of the range of the partners. Scope of rolled metal purchases is approximately 5000 tons per year.

We consider cooperation with foreign suppliers as one of the main direction of the development of the company.

We realize that suppliers are interested in long-term cooperation and ready to provide all necessary conditions for such collaboration.

Main principles of MC "Ferro" in cooperation with partners:

  1. Long-term cooperation on mutually beneficial basis.
  2. Responsibility and accuracy of the accomplishment of agreement.
  3. Adherence to the international norms of business ethics.

We are interested to consider all offers of cooperation from foreign manufacturers.

Main grades of stainless steel bought by MC "Ferro"

AISI 201
AISI 409
AISI 430
AISI 304

Above-mentioned grades are bought in coil, plate tube and circle

Please, send your offers of cooperation to:

purchases@mkferro.ru     director@mkferro.ru

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