Warehouse logistics

Currently there is no major trading company working without warehousing. Today, this area of business is actively developed in Russia.

Warehouse logistics enables us to find optimal solutions in the management of logistics processes in warehouse, which helps to reduce storage costs and improve services of clients.

Metallurgical Company "Ferro" has warehouse complexes on the territory of Nizhniy Novgorod and regions.

Storage of stainless steel rolled product requires special treatment and care. Drop of temperature, increasing or decreasing of humidity and other factors can negatively affect rolled metal. To avoid this, our warehouse complexes are provided by all necessary equipment and specialists regularly take care about storage conditions of stainless steel.

Regular attestation of warehouse employees as per standards developed by our company allows:

Promptly and timely shipment of production
Facilitation of high level servicing of the clients

If client warned about his arrival in advance, shipment of production will take place during 30 minutes in warehouse. In case of delay, client will receive a discount.

Metallurgical Company "Ferro" stands for a long-term partnership and mutual understanding with clients!

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