Quality control

Stainless steel is the most popular and universal material used in many fields. The main difference from common steel is long period of use and minimum expenses for treatment. In order the products from stainless steel have been making good for several decades you have to protect them against corrosion regularly using different methods, take care about emerging of mechanical damages regularly.

While using stainless steel you can avoid unpleasant troubles with treatment and protection. The matter is that rolled stainless steel is not only corrosion-resistant but easy-to-use. On each stage of production stainless steel will be under quality control that confirmed by guarantees and manufacturer's certificate.

Metallurgical company "Ferro" is interested in supplies of high quality stainless steel rolled products on Russian market. During supply of stainless steel to warehouse incoming quality control is obligatory.

Our specialists carefully perform:
Visual examination
Weight control

Control by means of Instrumentation certified by Rostechnadzor to verify compliance of rolled products with manufacturer's certificate.

Then after all stages of checking rolled product will go for direct sale. Upon request of the client additional quality control is to be done.

We try to promote development and prosperity of our clients and have a responsible approach to the quality control issue of the supplied products.

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